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Hannah Shaw / February 25, 2015
Featuring: Cherry Blush, Hannah Shaw
Senior Nurse Cherry Blush has heard that Hannah Shaw is once again passing the buck and attempting to shirt her responsibilities and work load, attempting to get other staff to do her chores so it was about time she was called to account!

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Security Steal / February 19, 2015
Featuring: Holly Kiss , Sophia Delane
The prim and proper, stern, security officer was sat at her desk, completely unaware of the intruder lurking in the shadows, an intruder determined to get hold of the keys to the pharmacy cupboard and with a plan to escape...

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Tutor / February 13, 2015
Featuring: Antia, Kiki Devine
The College Tutor has had enough of her student. Try as hard as she might, this bitch of a student would not listen and seemed to think her course was more of a jolly year out of work to have fun, kick back, relax and avoid the hassles of responsibility.

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