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Danielle Maye / November 21, 2014
Featuring: Danielle Maye, Sophia Delane
Danielle Maye has absolutely no idea who it is behind her as she struggles to keep consciousness but it is a loosing battle as the cloth takes it's effect and she ends up slumped and out on the floor, at the complete mercy of her assailant

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Alegra Jones Pt 1 / November 15, 2014
Featuring: Alegra Jones, Kiki Devine
Female Military Police Officer Alegra Jones is about to leave her house for work when an old friend, Kiki Devine, pays her a surprise visit. Kiki is keen to tell her old friend about a lucrative job she's landed and is about to complete

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Jodie Ellen / November 9, 2014
Featuring: Charley, Jodie Ellen
The new girl had just arrived for her first day at work and word had gotten out that she had been placed on the Fast Track to Management Program. Rather upsetting for one of long term employees who had hoped she would be placed instead..

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