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Frankie Babe / August 28, 2014
Featuring: Frankie Babe , Lucy Zara
Officer Frankie was getting annoyed. Her driver was late which was highly unusual as she was never normally late, still, it gave her a chance to finish off her tea and toast before having to make her way to the meeting

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Induction Day / August 22, 2014
Featuring: Chessie Kay, Danielle Maye
As it nears the end of her induction day, Danielle Maye gets ready to leave but as she does so, another employee enters the room and informs her there is one more, final part, to her induction day that needs completing

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WPC Subjugation / August 16, 2014
Featuring: Jade Victoria , Jodie Ellen, Laura Parker, Toni
WPC Toni happens upon a group of 3 rebel plotters but her attempts to arrest them and take them in leads to disaster for the poor WPC who find herself stripped, bound and gagged and humiliated by the rebels for the camera

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