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Kiki Devine / December 15, 2014
Featuring: Alegra Jones, Kiki Devine
Alegra Jones and Kiki Devine are comparing their satin dresses though Alegra is getting a little annoyed at the way Kiki thinks she looks so much better than her so called best friend...Alegra would so like to humiliate the stuck up bitch..

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Charley Atwell / December 9, 2014
Featuring: Charley, Jodie Ellen
Female Police Officer Charley Atwell had come to arrest a work place employee. Her boss had CCTV of her stealing from the Petty Cash safe and had called the police, asking for a female officer to attend..she had back up on the way.. so the villain formed an escape plan..

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Evey Krystal / December 3, 2014
Featuring: Evey Krystal, Tammy L
Nurse Evey Krystal deals with an unhappy and unruly patient in Tammie Lee. Tammie is here for revenge and poor Evey is unaware of her intentions as she falls victim to the scheming, ruthless, brunette

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