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WPC / March 26, 2015
Featuring: Alegra Jones, Sophie Star
The villain was determined, she knew the female police officer that had just entered her office had come to arrest her for breach of her bail conditions, maybe she had set this trap, the officer had wronged her and now it was time for payback

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Jazmine Jones / March 20, 2015
Featuring: Danielle Maye, Jazmine Jones
Once again the lazy bitch of a flatmate had been doing nothing apart from relaxing in bed all day, leaving all the housework to her so called best friend to do on her return from a hard days work but this time, it just wasn't going to happen

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Cindy Read / March 14, 2015
Featuring: Cindy Read
The bank employee was rather new to her job and attempting to get everything done in a timely fashion meant that there were bound to be mistakes and one of those was staff scheduling..clearly she was vulnerable in the office on her own..

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