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Jenny Smith

Beautiful in her flat mates satin chemise, Jenny Smith knows that she has only borrowed the garment but she has no intention of returning it and when challenged about it, refuses to give it...
Added: July 12, 2015 4.18mins

Chloe Lovette

Nurse Chloe Lovette is taken by surprise by a hooded intruder who takes control and she ends up on the floor, waking up to being stripped, groped, tape tied and cloth gagged. She struggles...
Added: July 6, 2015 4.23mins

Cherry Blush

Busty Cherry Blush is fast asleep but what she doesn't know is that someone is in her house and is determined to and to literally expose her, firstly stripping the brunette down and then...
Added: June 30, 2015 4.33mins

Chloe Lovette

The new bank clerk had an attitude problem and it needed addressing so when she refuses to comply with the requests of a rather wealthy customer, the bank clerk is placing herself in...
Added: June 24, 2015 5.28mins

Tina Kay

Best friends Tina Kay and Satine Sparks went to the same college but their friendship had been suffering lately as Tina was starting to move onto a new group of friends, leaving Satine out...
Added: June 18, 2015 4.19mins

Officer Lee

The Police Officer had been responding to an emergency call, an intruder alarm had gone off and she was the first one there but being a rookie, she went in alone, without backup, and that...
Added: June 11, 2015 13.49mins

Bimbo Wag

Blonde Bimbo WAG, Victoria wasn't getting much action in the bedroom with her husband being away on business so she thought to relieve her tension by hiring a masseur for the day to give her...
Added: June 6, 2015 19.45mins


Nurse Shauna is surprised by an intruder who takes her down slowly, softly, delicately but with menace as well. Once under the intruders control, she is stripped in her knickers, tape tied...
Added: May 31, 2015 5.22mins

Sophia Delane

An argument between two best friends who also happened to be flat mates and office colleagues had gotten out of hand. The tall blond had had enough of her bitchy brunette friend and has...
Added: May 25, 2015 5.50mins

WPC Revenge

The Female Police Officer had no chance. Unsuspecting, she found herself being taken out by one of her previous success stories. the female villain who had made a name for herself in forgery...
Added: May 19, 2015 7.47mins

Danielle Maye

The Beautician had dealt with shirt clients before and this time was no different. The belligerent and loud client had taken exception to the actions of beautiful blond beautician and...
Added: May 13, 2015 4.16mins

Foolish Followers

When they heard that the bosses PA had won a significant lump sum of cash, the three of them hatched a plan to rob her of her winnings. the plan was somewhat complicated but could work..or...
Added: May 7, 2015 13.10mins

Rebecca Leah

The blonde finds herself ushered into her bedroom, forced by her assailant to start stripping and then forced to knock herself out. Once out for the count, the villain has the opportunity to...
Added: May 1, 2015 4.18mins

WPC Humiliation

The WPC was on her way home. She hadn't noticed that she was being followed and it is only when she arrives at her front door and unlocks it that the assailant strikes, bundling the officer...
Added: April 25, 2015 12.50mins

Chessie Kay

A bit of an office argument had broken out, the secretary had reported one of her colleagues for stealing some of the petty cash and now that allegation was coming back to her, with the...
Added: April 19, 2015 5.22mins

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Sophie Star

Sophie calls Alegra into the office because she wants to ask her advice on some new soft bandage ideas her boyfriend has. Sophie asks Alegraif she can try the handcuffs on Alegra and...
Tags: Added: April 13, 2015 6.10mins

Selling Her Story

Her plans to sell her story to the papers was fast unravelling. She happened to bump into a couple of colleagues who perhaps, took a somewhat dim view of her intentions and some some plans...
Tags: Added: April 7, 2015 6.14mins

Tasha Holz

The housewife had decided to confront the mistress over her cheating husband. Her plan was to teach the mistress that it would be wiser..and safer..for her to stay away from her man..but the...
Tags: Added: April 1, 2015 6.05mins


The villain was determined, she knew the female police officer that had just entered her office had come to arrest her for breach of her bail conditions, maybe she had set this trap, the...
Tags: Added: March 26, 2015 7.17mins

Jazmine Jones

Once again the lazy bitch of a flatmate had been doing nothing apart from relaxing in bed all day, leaving all the housework to her so called best friend to do on her return from a hard days...
Tags: Added: March 20, 2015 5.13mins

Cindy Read

The bank employee was rather new to her job and attempting to get everything done in a timely fashion meant that there were bound to be mistakes and one of those was staff...
Tags: Added: March 14, 2015 4.34mins

Kiki Devine

Perhaps she had pissed off the mob but when she wakes she is certain to find herself in some rather big trouble and all for what? Yes, she knew some of the secrets of the mob but she would...
Tags: Added: March 8, 2015 5.48mins

April Paisley

Sweet, innocent blonde, April Paisley, wakes to find herself handcuffed to the bed, her wrists cuffed at the top and her feet cuffed by their ankles, through the bottom of the bed and a...
Tags: Added: March 2, 2015 4.35mins

Hannah Shaw

Senior Nurse Cherry Blush has heard that Hannah Shaw is once again passing the buck and attempting to shirt her responsibilities and work load, attempting to get other staff to do her chores...
Tags: Added: February 25, 2015 7.10mins

Security Steal

The prim and proper, stern, security officer was sat at her desk, completely unaware of the intruder lurking in the shadows, an intruder determined to get hold of the keys to the pharmacy...
Tags: Added: February 19, 2015 25.01mins


The College Tutor has had enough of her student. Try as hard as she might, this bitch of a student would not listen and seemed to think her course was more of a jolly year out of work to...
Tags: Added: February 13, 2015 6.09mins

Cherry Blush

Cherry Blush has been seeing a new guy and when Hannah Shaw asks her about him, Cherry is only too eagre to divulge all the sordid facts but unbeknown to her, the guy she is seeing is...
Tags: Added: February 7, 2015 5.09mins

Satine Sparks

The Battle of the Cheerleaders Competition was going well for the team in blue but the team in red had a plan to help the star red team cheerleader, Satin Sparks, take a little forced...
Tags: Added: February 1, 2015 4.30mins

Traffic Warden

Traffic Warden Chloe Lovette know who own the car that is parked on double yellow lines. She approaches the house of the owner determined to give the lady a ticket and a hefty fine but she...
Tags: Added: January 26, 2015 6.10mins

Holly Kiss

Beautiful brunette Holly Kiss wakes to find herself stripped naked, legs spread wide, and bound to the bed whilst her assailant films her squirming, groaning and gasping as the camera leers...
Tags: Added: January 20, 2015 3.38mins

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