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Victoria Summers

Evey Kristal is sure that her husband is having an affair with his busty blonde secretary, Victoria Summers, so Evey decides to take matters into her own hands and is determined to teach the...
Added: May 18, 2014 6.01mins

Tiffany Naylor

The judge has ordered this recently arrested street punk tough girl to get some anger management from a counsellor. Now there, tough girl Chessie eyes up the therapist, her fine clothes and...
Tags: Ball Gags
Added: May 12, 2014 6.00mins

Kiki Devine

Air Stewardess Kiki Devine doesn't take too kindly to the two arrogant customers who approach her, apparantly infuriated that their flight is running a little late. Is Kiki able to placate...
Added: May 6, 2014 4.18mins

Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw is already at the studio for her casting for the new production and she's surprised to see Holly Kiss arrive for the same casting, though perhaps Holly hasn't come for the...
Added: April 30, 2014 5.23mins

Sophia Star

Sophie Star and Penny Lee, it appears, are wearing very similar satin dresses and as they are both at the same party, only one of them really can continue being there. The other surely must...
Tags: Ball Gags
Added: April 24, 2014 4.42mins

Frankie Babe

Under performing employee Saphire Blue is called into the office for a meeting with her manager, who is completely unimpressed with Saphire works. Saphire, though, doesn't take to kindly to...
Added: April 18, 2014 7.07mins

Chessie Kay

Tiffany Naylor is a corporate spy who is on a mission to get some secret documents but in order to achieve that, she needs to restrain the secretary and hide her away and then replace the...
Tags: Ball Gags
Added: April 12, 2014 5.27mins

Penny Lee

College girls Sophie Star and Penny Lee don't get along. They go to different, rival, private colleges and when they meet up, Penny Lee decides to confront Sophie, after all, she does go to...
Tags: Ball Gags
Added: April 6, 2014 4.50mins

Karen Wood

Tammie Lee finds it laughable that Karen Wood has also been invited to the high end party, this was no place form a common slut like Karen and Tammie is determined to teach the little bitch...
Added: March 31, 2014 3.33mins

Taylor Morgan

Officer Taylor Morgan is pleased to have sign up another recruit to the service but is then taken aback by her new recruits attitude. She wants instant officer promotion which is of...
Added: March 25, 2014 10.36mins

Saphire Blue

Frankie is getting annoyed at the constant snipes and jibes from her flat mate, little miss perfect Saphire Blue. What though would happen Frankie wonders is she she became...
Added: March 19, 2014 6.04mins

Amber West

Two bitchy models aren't getting along at the shoot so one takes the initiative and is determined to humiliate her counterpart. Just who does she thing she is this upstart model bitch. Time...
Tags: Ball Gags
Added: March 13, 2014 4.05mins

Tammie Lee

Karen Wood needs to gain access to the wards and there is a perfect way to do it. She knows Nurse Tammie Lee is on the late shift and is the only nurse in the admin office and her uniform...
Added: March 7, 2014 5.30mins

Tina Kay

Personal Secretary Tina Kay is alone in the office, her boss has left for a long lunch, a meeting with an unknown potential client, which has left the coast clear for villainess Jess West to...
Added: March 1, 2014 5.25mins


Senior nurse Alegra Jones has to demonstrate a new technique she has learned from a training course on how to gently restrain and then chloroform patients on her two willing students,
Added: February 23, 2014 14:58mins

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Chloe Lovette

Ofice worker Chloe Lovette returns home to find her house being ransacked by some sort of hooded burglar. She grabs the nearest thing to her and takes action knocking the villain out but...
Tags: Added: February 17, 2014 4.22mins

Cindy Read

It seems Cindy simply cant "have her cake and eat it" as Taylor Morgan knocks poor Cindy out before stripping her naked and tape tying her on top of the lounge table. Cindy doesn't...
Tags: Added: February 11, 2014 5.35mins

Frankie Babe

Saphire Blue's work colleaugue, Frankie babe, had been spreading rumours about her at work and after just having taken a call from the "informant", she challenges Frankie...
Tags: Added: February 5, 2014 6.44mins

Prison Escape

Antiawas just starting a long sentence for fraud and money laundering. She had been a key figure in the gang and now the authorities were slapping themselves on the back for busting the...
Tags: Added: January 30, 2014 12.59mins

Jess West

Gorgeous brunette Jess West wakes to find herself hogtied with cable ties and ball gagged. She's not sure whats happened but one thing is for sure, she a little vulnerable right now stripped...
Tags: Ball Gags Added: January 24, 2014 4.46mins

Tiffany Naylor

A female managing director of a cosmetics firm is due to give an important presentation to potential clients at a conference. A rival company has hired a female criminal to prevent this from...
Tags: Added: January 18, 2014 6.29mins

Penny Lee

WPC Jen Bailey has been lured to a house under the pretence of a burglary in progress, the call being made by villain Penny Lee who needs to get a coppers uniform to effect her escape and...
Tags: Added: January 12, 2014 7.50mins

Chloe Lovette

Chloe Lovette had been in charge of uniform orders at the shop for a short while and found it rather funny to order April Paisley, the bitch, the wrong size uniform. It drowned April's...
Tags: Added: January 6, 2014 4.42mins

Frankie babe

Office manager Elle Brook is shocked to see what her secretary has been up to. reviewing the CCTV footage for the weekend, it appears that Frankie has been up to no good with one of the male...
Tags: Added: December 31, 2013 5.53mins

Chloe Lovette

Chloe is chatting to Ashleigh when her phone goes. It's another one of her close firends informing her about Ashleigh's indiscretions, so it's just as well Chloe has a little something for...
Tags: Added: December 25, 2013 5.40mins

Taylor Morgan

Office bust ups always make for a good, entertaining, 5 minutes, especially when it all spills over and ends up with one of the ladies being knocked out, stripped, even losing her knickers,...
Tags: Added: December 19, 2013 4.49mins

Jessica Jensen

Beautician Jessica Jensen has no idea who has attacked her but she knows she cant help succumbing to the lure of unconsciousness as the gloved hand and sweet smelling cloth are clamped...
Tags: Added: December 13, 2013 5.13mins

Jen Bailey

Nurse Jen Bailey has had difficult patients before but it seem Penny Lee is about to become her worst. Penny is determined to cause a big problem for her visiting nurse and has hatched a...
Tags: Added: December 7, 2013 7.23mins

Elle Brook

Elle Brook is astounded that at the reading of the will of her late husband, it seems he has left his entire estate to his mistress, Frankie Babe, but Elle thought this might happen so she...
Tags: Added: December 1, 2013 5.16mins

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith doesn't quite know whats happened as she wakes on the floor to discover herself stripped down to her panties, gagged and hogtied and an intruder hovering over her filming her...
Tags: Added: November 25, 2013 5.59mins

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