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Taylor Morgan

Office bust ups always make for a good, entertaining, 5 minutes, especially when it all spills over and ends up with one of the ladies being knocked out, stripped, even losing her knickers,...
Added: December 19, 2013 4.49mins

Jessica Jensen

Beautician Jessica Jensen has no idea who has attacked her but she knows she cant help succumbing to the lure of unconsciousness as the gloved hand and sweet smelling cloth are clamped...
Added: December 13, 2013 5.13mins

Jen Bailey

Nurse Jen Bailey has had difficult patients before but it seem Penny Lee is about to become her worst. Penny is determined to cause a big problem for her visiting nurse and has hatched a...
Added: December 7, 2013 7.23mins

Elle Brook

Elle Brook is astounded that at the reading of the will of her late husband, it seems he has left his entire estate to his mistress, Frankie Babe, but Elle thought this might happen so she...
Added: December 1, 2013 5.16mins

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith doesn't quite know whats happened as she wakes on the floor to discover herself stripped down to her panties, gagged and hogtied and an intruder hovering over her filming her...
Added: November 25, 2013 5.59mins

Ashleigh McKenzie

Two gorgeous girls, bound tightly together and gagged, stripped down to their underwear..for now, they squirm and mumble as the villain approaches with the scissors, preparing to cut their...
Added: November 19, 2013 3.53mins

Tammie Lee

Even though they were close friends and mates, both Tammie Lee and Holly Kiss did have their moments, and on a hot day like today with the heat soaring, so were the tempers and one of the...
Added: November 13, 2013 4.48mins

Sophia Smith

Nurse Sophia Smith has had a hard day on the wards but now back home and able to relax a little or so she thinks until the intruder makes their presence know and she stands at the wrong end...
Added: November 7, 2013 4.40mins

Victoria Summers

Victoria Summers and Taylor Morgan had been colleagues for a short time though Taylor Morgan resented "Little Miss Perfect" Victoria Summers and thinks it's about time she brought...
Added: November 1, 2013 6.07mins

Air Stewardess

Air Stewardess Frankie Babe is a little perplexed to find her normal route to the staff room blocked off tape and a diversionary route in place. She wonders what has gone on but when she...
Added: October 26, 2013 8.50mins

Scarlet Lovatt

Scarlet Lovatt catches her room mate Samantha Bentley on the phone and the way she's talking to whoever it is leads Scarlet to believe that her so called friend is making moves for her...
Added: October 20, 2013 7.36mins

Kelli Smith

Sophia Smith is waiting for a special client who just loves ladies in blue satin cheongsams but it seems that Kelli Smith wants a piece of the action and Sophia is determined to ensure that...
Added: October 14, 2013 4.33mins

Cindy Read

Manager Cindy Read has just about had enough of Taylor Morgan's lax attitude to work and it was time to read her lazy employee the riot act, though Taylor has come prepared and is ready for...
Added: October 8, 2013 5.45mins

Elle Brook

Frankie Babe is pretty pissed off that her so called friend, Elle Brook, has taken it upon herself to purchase the same style dress as she's wearing. Now both girls are wearing the same...
Added: October 2, 2013 3.51mins

Project Thermo Cube Gun

Antia had slotted into the role perfectly. Recruited by The Agency because of her ties with a senior USN Officer to gain access to the secure facility and locate all files and documents on...
Added: September 26, 2013 16.20mins

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Samantha Bentley

Nurse Scarlet Lovatt is home early today but her unexpected arrival home has caught burglar Samantha Bentley by surprise. The burglar though has a plan for the young nurse that is sure to...
Tags: Added: September 20, 2013 5.40mins

Victoria Summers

Taking on a small part time job to pay some bills seemed ideal to Victoria Summers but cleaning Sophie Parker's house was proving to be a demanding task, especially as the bitch was always...
Tags: Added: September 14, 2013 5.07mins

Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan and Cindy read have never seen eye to eye so when their latest argument erupts you can be certain it is to end in humiliation for one of the ladies as both are equally...
Tags: Added: September 8, 2013 5.53mins

Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss makes for a very demanding boss and Tammie Lee is proving to be a difficult employee. Her work just isn't up to scratch and Holly Lets her know it. Tammie though, has had enough...
Tags: Added: September 2, 2013 4.47mins

Alegra Jones

Antia is so pleased at her new promotion, it's almost sickening and there is only so much gloating her flat mate, Alegra Jones, can take before she explodes and takes action against the red...
Tags: Added: August 27, 2013 5.27mins

Jessica Jensen

Jessica Jensen prefers Taylor Morgans dress and she hates the fact that Taylor looks so good in it. It should be her wearing that dress and she can be, she just needs to get it off Taylor...
Tags: Added: August 21, 2013 5.58mins

Penny Lee

Demure Lady Penny Lee is surprised by a gun wielding intruder. What do they want, nervously she asks them not to hurt her but it seems they would like her to start stripping. As they have...
Tags: Added: August 15, 2013 4.53mins

Sophie Parker

College student Sophie Parker was being somewhat of a rebel lately and her private tutor was having to apply more and more pressure on her, though the tutors approach leaves a lot to be...
Tags: Added: August 9, 2013 5.43mins

Taylor Morgan

Bullied Probationer Taylor Morgan is under WPC Jessica Jensens supervision but Jessica's bullying has become too much and Taylor Morgan hatches a cunning plan for revenge
Tags: Added: August 3, 2013 6.15mins


Poppy doesn't take too kindly to Hayley Marie's comments and gives as much back, though she doesn't realise Hayley Marie has a plan to teach the red headed a bitch a lesson about not...
Tags: Added: July 28, 2013 5.53mins

Tammie Lee

The burglar is surprised by the appearance of the Female police officer and she has no intention of being arrested, in fact unwittingly, the WPC may have just given her a sure fire ticket...
Tags: Added: July 22, 2013 4.46mins

Sarah Jane

Beautiful blonde Rachel Travers has perhaps bitten of more than she can chew in her abrupt confrontation with buxom brunette Sarah Jane and she may just pay the price
Tags: Added: July 16, 2013 7.14mins

Tiffany Naylor

Waiting for her job interview, Tiffany Naylor decides to browse the magazine when all of a sudden, a hand is clamped hard around her mouth and nose and she smells a sweet substance...moment...
Tags: Added: July 10, 2013 5.02mins

Hayley Marie

The agent had managed to get the data, now they just had to get out the country and a flight for their destination was departing shortly. They just needed to get air side without raising the...
Tags: Added: July 4, 2013 8.18mins

Hannah Shaw

An office argument between competitive colleagues ends up in one of them wishing their day had ended differently as they find themselves stripped, bound and gagged on the office floor
Tags: Added: June 28, 2013 3.45mins

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