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Office Politics

Lisa had just been promoted and she was adamant that she would start asserting her authority. First on her hit list...
Added: February 12, 2006

Evil Femme Freya

Evil Femme Freya has plans for these three young women. She has conned them into trying a little bondage...all for...
Added: February 12, 2006

Consenting Beauty

Sam, a beauty that cant wait to be tightly bound and although she is a little unsure, she has dressed up for the...
Added: January 27, 2006

Double Catch

Two beautiful young women are caught by surprise by the masked man. They have no idea what his intentions are but...
Added: January 19, 2006

Paige Surprised

Paige isn't against a little consensual bondage play but as Sophia ties the ropes tighter and tighter, Paige...
Added: January 11, 2006

Petra Chloroformed

Petra is a little unnerved as the evil Sammie circles her. She has no idea what Sammie has in mind for her but she...
Added: January 3, 2006

Adelle Pays

Adelle has been very lazy at work and Ms Brown, her superior, wants to make a point of letting poor Adelle know...
Added: December 26, 2005

Double Jeapordy

Madison is waiting for her close friend Elle. She checks her watch once more and reminds herself that Elle is...
Added: December 18, 2005


Abbi is sleeping peacefully in her hotel room. She had had a serious row with the hotel manageress earlier in the...
Added: December 10, 2005


Beautiful red head Fi, is trying to catch a tan when a redneck and his sister stumble across her. This is an...
Added: December 2, 2005

Trouble in the Office Pt 2

The office cleaner is furious with the two blond secretaries. They have constantly bugged him and badgered him that...
Added: November 24, 2005


Laula, young, sweet and innocent is enjoying experiencing some "different" aspects of life as she agrees...
Added: November 16, 2005

Ms Bossy

Fiona is terrified of Laula, and Laula knows it. She just loves watching poor Fiona scream and squeal in terror and...
Added: November 9, 2005

Sweet Blonde

A poor young blonde woman gets caught unawares as she watches the latest episode of trash TV
Added: November 1, 2005

Truth or Dare

An innocent game of Truth or Dare turns into a tight situation for Madison as Faye has other plans for the poor...
Added: October 23, 2005

The Boss

Paige, the blond boss is unhappy with the laziness of employee Sophia. Sophia needs to be taught a lesson as to who...
Added: October 15, 2005

Ms Bossy

Fi is getting irritated with the shoddy workmanship of this fan engineer, and as she's not one to hold her tongue,...
Added: October 5, 2005

Spin the Bottle

Angel is lured into playing a game by the devious Ashley. Ashley cheats her way to winning the game of "strip...
Added: September 26, 2005

Trouble in the Office

Poor Jessie is in for a peril surprise when she tells the office cleaner his work isn't up to scratch!
Added: September 19, 2005


Adelle is getting more and more angry with Eva, who always insists on doing exactly what she wants. Adelle has had...
Added: September 12, 2005

The Garden

Sammie and Jessica take a day in the park, unaware of the two masked men watching them in the bushes...
Added: September 4, 2005

The Evil Photographer strikes again!

Petra and Corrine were early for the shoot. The photographer was a large, brooding man who said little. They sat on...
Added: August 26, 2005

No Claims Bonus

Jess had knocked Mellies car and as the damage was minor, she kind of hoped Mellie wouldn't pick up on it. WRONG....
Added: August 17, 2005

Love turns sour

Even as they entered the hotel room, Georgia knew what she was going to do to the hot blonde she had just picked...
Added: August 9, 2005

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