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Evil Phoenix

Evil Phoenix has a poor, passed out Ariel Anderssen, to play with. She has some nice plans of pain for Ariel and...
Added: July 8, 2005

Games people Play

Abbi and Yvonne try out a bondage game. Yvonne isn't too sure so Abbi forces a reluctant Yvonne onto the bed,...
Added: June 30, 2005

Innocent Belle in Peril

Belle returns home from a hard day out, unaware of the danger that lurks behind her sofa. As she strips down to...
Added: June 18, 2005

Evil Blonde

Poor innocent Ariel Anderssen falls victim to an Evil Blonde. Ariel was minding her own business and the blonde had...
Added: June 10, 2005

The Gift

Phoenix had been chosen. She was to be a gift for the Maharaja. She was terrified and she didn't want this to...
Added: June 1, 2005


As a glamour shoot, it wasn't going too bad, though the photographer was a bit of a bastard, they just got on with...
Added: May 24, 2005

The Witch

The two young women had caught themselves a witch. Time to poke her, taunt her and make fun of her. What they...
Added: May 16, 2005

Evil Lucie - Lucie

The two friends were chatting, the usual sort of stuff..... last nights television was the current topic when there...
Added: May 7, 2005

Chloroformed Blonde

The Blonde babe is waiting for her appointment. It was hard to get to the location but she felt she may get a big...
Added: April 28, 2005


Two beautiful young woman are stripped and tied together, back to back. They have no idea what awaits and end up...
Added: April 19, 2005


The Female Security Officer had caught the escapee and was intent on taking her back to jail. The plan fell apart...
Added: April 10, 2005

PERIL babe in the BOOT

Betraying her employers wasn't a good thing in the shadowy, dark world of East Street Gang. She always thought...
Added: March 29, 2005

Innocence in Peril

She was curious to what was in the warehouse. She had heard sounds coming from it before, but had never been brave...
Added: March 21, 2005

Bound Babe

A Beautiful red head, tightly bound......some classical bondage :-)
Added: March 12, 2005

The Evil Photographer Pt 2

As Corrine arrived at the studio, she thought she could hear sounds of distress. The photographer was no where in...
Added: March 4, 2005

The Evil Photographer

She was new to modeling, and this was a really good job to have gotten. For some reason, the photographer had...
Added: February 23, 2005

Poor Little Rich Girl

Posing for the camera,..then there was a knock at the was the photographers assistant and he had more...
Added: February 15, 2005


An argument with a neighbor had gone too far, or at least SHE had gone to far. There was only one way to teach her....
Added: February 11, 2005


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Added: February 10, 2005


Jessie obeys her mistress and chains herself up. Gagged, chained and vulnerable, anything could happen to her.
Added: February 5, 2005

Surprise Pt 2

Finding her flat mate, bound and on the floor, Cindy was shocked. Just home from the night shift, patrolling the...
Added: January 31, 2005

Carried Away

Sammie answered the door....and screamed as two thugs burst through the door. The big guy grabbing her and throwing...
Added: January 22, 2005


Home from work, she waited for her friend to arrive. they had a night out planned...The to her horror, she was...
Added: January 13, 2005

Petra Chloroformed

Petra is a little unnerved as the evil Sammie circles her. She has no idea what Sammie has in mind for her but she...
Added: January 3, 2005

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