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Bent WPC

WPC Chessie Kay is on the take and she's used to bribing helpless blond bimbo's by threatening them with a court date for their speeding tickets but this time, Danielle has the match of her...
Added: September 9, 2014 7.10mins


Office manager Cherry Blush is fairly fed up with her new assistant whom, it seems, has an attitude that simply stinks. Cherry though, has plan to teach the bitchy little red head some...
Added: September 3, 2014 6.53mins

Frankie Babe

Officer Frankie was getting annoyed. Her driver was late which was highly unusual as she was never normally late, still, it gave her a chance to finish off her tea and toast before having to...
Added: August 28, 2014 9.47mins

Induction Day

As it nears the end of her induction day, Danielle Maye gets ready to leave but as she does so, another employee enters the room and informs her there is one more, final part, to her...
Tags: Ball Gags
Added: August 22, 2014 8.57mins

WPC Subjugation

WPC Toni happens upon a group of 3 rebel plotters but her attempts to arrest them and take them in leads to disaster for the poor WPC who find herself stripped, bound and gagged and...
Added: August 16, 2014 3.19mins

Sophia Delane

Sophia Delane has made a profession out of collecting debts from female debtors and today she was out to collect from Jess West. Jess had been avoiding paying her dues and now it was time...
Added: August 10, 2014 7.01mins

Holly Kiss

Karen Wood has spent the evening chatting up hot chick Holly Kiss in a local bar and thinking the two had something going, invites her back to her place for a little more intimate time..but...
Added: August 4, 2014 6.21mins

WPC Cuffed

WPC Cherry Blush has been set up. An ex con she had helped put away has finally got out, on early release for good behaviour as it turns out, although now she is out for revenge and a bent...
Added: July 29, 2014 4.34mins

It's my Party

Toni had grown tired of being the odd one out her group of two faced female friends and their bitchiness so she's invited them to her party, a special party, they all said they could attend...
Added: July 23, 2014 8.11mins

First Day

Emma Clair has just been transferred to a new branch of the bank and she's excited about her first day there. She gets ready and almost about to leave when there's a knock at the door and...
Added: July 17, 2014 6.42mins

Jess West

Jess West cant believe her luck, she's arrived home to find a letter telling her she has won a luxury weekend away at a B&B in the Lake District. It is only fr one though so she will...
Added: July 11, 2014 4.23mins

Cherry Blush

Housewife Cherry Blush returns home from a trip to the local shopping centre and is shocked to find, as she walks into her house, she is confronted by a gun toting villain who coldly...
Added: July 5, 2014 4.59mins

Tina Kay

WPC Tina Kay wants out, she's been accepting bribes from the gang and now the heat was getting too much for her as her superiors suspected a bad apple was amongst the police officers at the...
Added: June 29, 2014 7.02mins

Evey Kristal

For hotel worker,Victoria Summers, it was just another ordinary day and room 1468 had ordered a coffee which she was about to take up but unfortunately for Victoria Summers, Evey Kristal had...
Added: June 23, 2014 6.29mins

Pizza Girl

Emma Clair makes for a rather glamorous burglar but when the Pizza girl turns up to take her order for the evening, Emma is caught unaware and has to think quickly about how she can get rid...
Added: June 17, 2014 4.13mins

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Saphire Blue is taking an extra long tea break, after all, as far as she's concerned, it's thoroughly deserved, so when Frankie Babe comes looking for her, moaning that she's over her time,...
Tags: Added: June 11, 2014 4.27mins

Sophie Parker

Tina Kay is seriously pissed off with her so called best friend, Sophie Parker. Tina had been planning her party for months and so wanted to make a good impression with her new friends until...
Tags: Added: June 5, 2014 4.30mins

Rockstar Ransom

Rockstar Dave Best is due into London Heathrow and his airline, British International, have set aside two of their top Air Stewardesses to ensure he has a pleasant visit whilst in London,...
Tags: Added: May 30, 2014 12.24mins

Holly Kiss

Holly Kiss had stolen a move of her room mate Hannah Shaw. A hot guy had moved into Flat 3B and whilst Hannah had made it clear she wanted first dibs on hitting onto him, Holly had worked...
Tags: Added: May 24, 2014 9.21mins

Victoria Summers

Evey Kristal is sure that her husband is having an affair with his busty blonde secretary, Victoria Summers, so Evey decides to take matters into her own hands and is determined to teach the...
Tags: Added: May 18, 2014 6.01mins

Tiffany Naylor

The judge has ordered this recently arrested street punk tough girl to get some anger management from a counsellor. Now there, tough girl Chessie eyes up the therapist, her fine clothes and...
Tags: Ball Gags Added: May 12, 2014 6.00mins

Kiki Devine

Air Stewardess Kiki Devine doesn't take too kindly to the two arrogant customers who approach her, apparantly infuriated that their flight is running a little late. Is Kiki able to placate...
Tags: Added: May 6, 2014 4.18mins

Hannah Shaw

Hannah Shaw is already at the studio for her casting for the new production and she's surprised to see Holly Kiss arrive for the same casting, though perhaps Holly hasn't come for the...
Tags: Added: April 30, 2014 5.23mins

Sophia Star

Sophie Star and Penny Lee, it appears, are wearing very similar satin dresses and as they are both at the same party, only one of them really can continue being there. The other surely must...
Tags: Ball Gags Added: April 24, 2014 4.42mins

Frankie Babe

Under performing employee Saphire Blue is called into the office for a meeting with her manager, who is completely unimpressed with Saphire works. Saphire, though, doesn't take to kindly to...
Tags: Added: April 18, 2014 7.07mins

Chessie Kay

Tiffany Naylor is a corporate spy who is on a mission to get some secret documents but in order to achieve that, she needs to restrain the secretary and hide her away and then replace the...
Tags: Ball Gags Added: April 12, 2014 5.27mins

Penny Lee

College girls Sophie Star and Penny Lee don't get along. They go to different, rival, private colleges and when they meet up, Penny Lee decides to confront Sophie, after all, she does go to...
Tags: Ball Gags Added: April 6, 2014 4.50mins

Karen Wood

Tammie Lee finds it laughable that Karen Wood has also been invited to the high end party, this was no place form a common slut like Karen and Tammie is determined to teach the little bitch...
Tags: Added: March 31, 2014 3.33mins

Taylor Morgan

Officer Taylor Morgan is pleased to have sign up another recruit to the service but is then taken aback by her new recruits attitude. She wants instant officer promotion which is of...
Tags: Added: March 25, 2014 10.36mins

Saphire Blue

Frankie is getting annoyed at the constant snipes and jibes from her flat mate, little miss perfect Saphire Blue. What though would happen Frankie wonders is she she became...
Tags: Added: March 19, 2014 6.04mins

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